About us

Who We Are

Our mission: Bringing meaningful healthcare solutions to the people of Asia Pacific.

Getz Healthcare (Vietnam) has been supplying high-end products and services to hospitals and medical institutions across Vietnam since 1991.

With our in-depth experience across multiple healthcare areas, including Molecular Diagnostics, Blood Transfusion, Infection Control and Vascular, we apply our knowledge and expertise to meeting and exceeding the goals of our business partners.

Distribution Offices

Our warehouse management system is a key part of our supply chain and controls the movement and storage of equipment and devices. We are able to securely manage all stocks within the facility, enabling a seamless process of order processing and logistic management.
We are ISO9001:2015 Certified.


Dr. Tuan Nguyen
General Manager

Dr. Tuan Nguyen brings over 25 years of experience in Healthcare in Vietnam, having worked in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and distribution companies, in senior management positions, as well as being a qualified doctor.

Prior to joining Getz Healthcare, Dr Tuan Nguyen was the Country Senior Director for IDSMed, and was Country Manager for Medtronic.

Dr. Tuan Nguyen holds a Medical Degree from Odessa National Medical University, and a bachelor's degree in business enterprise management, from the University of Trade and Economics (Vietnam).